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Kobzon has started to refuse to participate in "Eurovision"

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture believes that our country has nothing to lose from a boycott of the competition

In the night from Sunday to Monday it became known that this year's "Eurovision" which will pass in Kiev, go Yulia Samoilova — a girl with disabilities. Day after day, the debate continues as on the nomination of Julia, and on the rationality of the presence of Russia at the musical contest in Ukraine. So, in early March, the state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov urged not to send this year our artists to Eurovision, as well as to refuse to broadcast the show on TV.

Today the view of colleagues was supported the First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture Iosif Kobzon, who said to journalists that Russia does not need to participate in "Eurovision". His position, he explained that the presence of Russian artists in Kiev will only give an extra reason to make fun of both of them, and over the whole country.

Кобзон посоветовал России отказаться от участия в «Евровидении»

Philip was disappointed in the music конкурсеinstagram/fkirkorov

I should add that in late December, Philip admitted that he was disappointed in this contest. And considers that it is not necessary to go "back where we can't wait." After last year's scandal that happened with Sergey Lazarev, say sure at a music festival with our country corny settling scores.

The same opinion is shared by the producer Iosif Prigozhin. In early December, he called for a boycott of "Eurovision", as well as its television broadcast. "We have 140 million audience! If they are deprived of the broadcast of the huge state, they will lose money. It is necessary to create a situation in which they are for us to run will be", — said the producer.

Кобзон посоветовал России отказаться от участия в «Евровидении»

Joseph Prigogine suggested to boycott this "contest"instagram/prigozhin_iosif

If you look at the history of participation of our country in the international competition of a variety song, the first time we came there in 1994. Although the show is held every year since 1956. In 1996, Russia was not included on "the Eurovision" without going through the preliminary qualifying round of the audio. Simply by our artists, and singers from Germany, Israel, Macedonia, Romania, Denmark and Hungary, was considered too weak to speak at the competition of such level. In 1998, the Russian artist again seemed too weak, scored the lowest rating and was not allowed to participate in the contest. Our country refused to broadcast the festival, which was punished in 1999 excluded from participation in "Eurovision". Since 2000, Russia regularly sends its artists to the contest.

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