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Angelina Jolie visited Buckingham Palace

The actress and her eldest son Maddox gave a private tour

A mere mortal can get to Buckingham Palace in London only from late July to early October. In these months, Her Majesty Elizabeth leaving the Royal residence, and part of it becomes open to tourists. However, Angelina Jolie was made an exception yesterday for a movie star and her eldest son Maddox was organized a private tour of the luxurious halls of the Palace.

A standard ticket to open to the public days is 23 pounds (28 dollars) for an adult and £ 13 ($16) for a child younger than 17. The cost of seeing the Royal sites Angie and Maddox, not reported. But it is known that during his tours of the Palace, the actress and her son didn't meet with the Royal family.

Meanwhile, the students who yesterday managed to attend the lectures given to Jolie as a Professor at the London school of Economics, began to share their impressions. Future professionals admit that they were looking forward to meeting a Hollywood star and was pleasantly surprised by her shyness and modesty.

Yesterday the actress as an invited teacher read the first lecture from a course on the impact of war on women and opposition to violence in military conflict zones and seeking to develop strategies for promoting justice, human rights, gender equality and participation of women in political, economic and social fields.

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