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Rita Dakota rebuffed envious

The actress has denied the rumors about the fabulous fees of his family

Singer Rita Dakota and her husband Vlad Sokolovsky travel often and spread potatoey in their social networks. For example, in winter a couple vacationing in Bali. But some subscribers instead of joy for the artists jealousy arose to such a boring lifestyle of the stars.

Traveled in 16 years the whole of Europe by hitchhiking, Rita decided to write a response to the haters: "That's just not start about money! First, we are not innovative plasma 2017 release. And his apartment yet either. Secondly, we always managed to find the Vario to fly somewhere even when every last penny has been invested in our projects" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

"All of you interfered, interferes and will not interfere with this LACK of DESIRE to live as you want and some kind of absolute anger on those who unlike you LIVES," added Dakota.

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