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Tarasov has declassified the name of his girlfriend

Fans of a football player forced him to answer uncomfortable questions

After the divorce of Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova, the player has repeatedly stated that he no longer wants to "live for likes" and to put their personal life. However, the athlete now regularly communicates with his subscribers. It uses a special app in Instagram, goes on the air, and fans write him comments or ask questions that are visible on the screen.

The Tarasov during live communication with fans has told that does not consider himself a single man, but jokingly called himself a "divorcee". Yesterday Tarasov again talked with fans. Why he does it, is not entirely clear because the majority of subscribers write shit to him. Others continue to ask questions about Buzova, about her new video and do that to the dogs, which once gave Olga. Of course, the player ignores all of these comments. Others questioned the athlete about his new girlfriend. Every second question is about "miske" (that's when a Buzova called the home wrecker). And in some point, Dmitri could not stand it and angrily said that the girl's not "Missa", and her name is Anastasia. Thus he indirectly confirmed that common with Anastasia Kostenko — 22-year-old model, winner of the title "Vice-Miss Russia".

Тарасов рассекретил имя своей девушки


During live communication, Dmitry tried to laugh it off and caustic comments about his football achievements and his presence in the team. Commentators did not hesitate to call Tarasova and shaggy, and terrible. But, as admitted by the athlete, the insults have not hurt him, he just them not paying attention. However, he asked his followers to be kind and not write nasty things.

Dmitry Tarasov, Anastasia Kostenko

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