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Lora Reznikova was injured during pole dancing

The star of the series "the Fifth guard" was seriously injured

Actress Lora Reznikova engaged in fashion among celebrities is a form of fitness pole dancing or pole dance. It is believed that such physical exertion to completely replace training in the gym. Reznikova is not the first year engaged in the pylon and it feels quite confident. The other day she decided to learn a new element, and at some point unsuccessfully stood on his left leg. Sudden and sharp pain pierced his entire leg, which in addition quickly enough swollen. The doctors diagnosed a "sprain" and prescribed to the actress at rest. But Laura is not one of those people who are sitting at home. Moreover, she is now in the continuation of the series "Witnesses", where he plays one of the main roles of a psychologist Margarita Koretsky.

Лора Резникова пострадала во время танца на шесте

The actress appears on set with a bandaged egoistically press services

The actress, through the pain, every day appears on the set and working on a par with everyone running around with a bandaged leg. Unfortunately, the occupations of the pole will have some time to forget while his leg fully recovers.

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