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Children of Angelina Jolie was struck by his behavior

And the actress — their appearance

Recently Angelina Jolie, along with three native children — daughter Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox — went to the bookstore. After seeing paparazzioznie photos, the public said that Angie looks gorgeous: the actress smiled broadly and the white cloak is very refreshing to her. However, the children in the pictures have caused some issues.

Someone said that Vivienne and Knox the dark circles under his eyes and haggard, and unkempt appearance. And Shiloh was shocked by the fact that it looks like a boy. Why the public is so surprised, is unclear. Shiloh for several years prefer a short haircut and boyish clothes. And her parents many times spoke about it in an interview, explaining that I didn't want to disturb the girl with self-determination.

As for Wilven and Knox — eight years. And although they birth live under the gun camera lenses, they are still lost in front of the crowd accompanying them everywhere reporters. So their view was more scared than exhausted.

But what really surprised the store employees is the behavior of the offspring of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt. Children of the star couple was very inquisitive, modest and polite. The sellers said that the children willingly shared his tastes in literature, all the time saying "thank you" and "please" and behaved very well and obediently.

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