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A man in leopard, and Temnikova — without a skirt: why the star wearing it

Celebrities are surprised by his appearance at the presentation of the young singer

This morning the audience were discussing the revelation of Philip Kirkorov, who shared details of their upcoming 50-year anniversary. The artist is known to have said that he intends to throw a Banquet for a thousand people to invite to the party ABBA and to buy in honor of another outfit. That is the theme of appearance this evening was highly relevant as star is remembered not only for the fact that they sang on stage and danced in the hall as spectators, but also its appearance. Apparently, the onset of spring did the trick.

To congratulate the budding artist Urkish, presented video for the song "Margarita", it's a lot of famous people. Here were seen Alexander Revva, Arseny Borodin, the group "Factory", Victoria Daineko, Yulia Mikhalchik, the group "the Roots" and others. Guests were treated to various delights: meat and fish snacks, fruit, alcohol flowed freely, the girls were treated to margaritas and gave flowers in memory of the recently passed holiday of March 8. And the stars, in turn, shocked by their outfits.

Киркоров — в леопарде, а Темникова — без юбки: зачем звезды надели это

Elena Temnikova came from Malitsky ostrogannymi Avramenko

So, in boots from jeans came Elena Temnikova. The girl stayed at the party only a couple of minutes because it came on the principle of "from the ship on ball" — just returned from the Maldives, where well rested. It is noteworthy that the actress was missing the skirt and the whole set of clothes replaced t-shirt with straps on shoulders and waist. In General, the present failed to understand how specifically was called the dress of the actress and needed whether it is in the skirt, but the fact that a passing male guests instinctively turned around, it was an indisputable fact.

Alena Vodonaeva was in a long sparkling pink dress, and on top she wore a denim jacket and sneakers. Image is hardly formal, but Alena with her slimness is everything. It is known that the ex-participant reality show is very strictly related to the issue of excess weight and respect "razevshiysya people", as she once stated in his Instagram, causing a big scandal on the Network. So this evening the guest didn't touch the sweets, which, as admitted Vodonaeva she loves.

Киркоров — в леопарде, а Темникова — без юбки: зачем звезды надели это

Alain Vodonaeva carefully followed fyurosemide Avramenko

Much attention was focused on the person Victoria Daineko, since she recently broke up with her husband Dmitry Kleiman, and those present tried to see her face a touch of melancholy. But they didn't. On the contrary, Vick shined. And with pleasure posed for photographers and did a selfie. By the way, the dress is faux-fur, perhaps, was even shorter hoodies Elena Temnikova. In General, fans are looking at for Helena decided that Dayneko quite ready to get acquainted with men. They are something to explore with her exactly.

Киркоров — в леопарде, а Темникова — без юбки: зачем звезды надели это

Cheryl Cole in a short dress was obvorozhitelnaya Avramenko

And of course, Philip was pleased with another stylish find. It was not only a new jacket with spikes — image, who loves the artist, but and leopard print boots.

Киркоров — в леопарде, а Темникова — без юбки: зачем звезды надели это

Philip struck his leopard zapolnyennoi Avramenko

New look, as well as recognition Kirkorov about what he's going to please yourself new clothes for an anniversary, once again confirmed that the Shopaholic actor has not passed. It has long been no secret: a man can't resist new things. The actor admitted repeatedly: "Yes, I'm an inveterate Shopaholic".

Philip, Elena Temnikova

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