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Alexei Chadov wants to leave the monastery

The actor is going to be enriched spiritually

Alexey Chadov was thinking about for some time to go to the monastery. He told about it It turned out that the filming of "Fourth shift" Chadov met a monk from Shaolin temple, thanks to which Alex also became interested in spiritual practices.

"The film we're shooting a real Shaolin monk. This is a unique man. Besides the fact that he's a human weapon and can solve the issue with the enemy with his own hands, he is also in the behavior of unique. How it behaves, how responds to difficult life situations, when, for example, there are difficult moments on the court, what he is in fellowship, it amazes me. He is 10 years in Russia, but it is still very hard on the court, it is stressful, and it is to the end of the shift meditates 2-3 minutes. This, of course, interesting to watch. He's just a man who allows himself no negative emotions. In the end, I want to go there, I want to learn to rebound. But for such people it is not just the philosophy and training, they are not just waving hands nicely. It still brought up the body, education there should be a psychological stability. Because if you do some unhealthy way of life and constantly be in physical discomfort, you will not reach such harmony," — said Alexey.

Алексей Чадов хочет уйти в монастырь

The actor does not mind to experience the spiritual практики

Also Chadov told that the chat with the monk and the shooting of this film inspired him to read the history of Shaolin and its monastery.

"I learned that there are all allow. This is such a special territory, ordinary people there can not get, you need to be prepared. But I'd like to spend some time there," concluded the artist.

Alexei Chadov

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