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Ilana St. George's: "the Husband against my haircut"

The star of "Ural dumplings" may lose 50 thousand dollars

Yesterday, the viewers have been intrigued by, when the Network leaked information that the star of the show "Ural dumplings" is going to lose their beautiful hair. During his stay in new York Ilana of St. George's met with a Hollywood producer, who offered her to take part in the shoot, but for this she would have cut her hair short. The actress promised to think. The Internet is already brewing revolt: fans opposed to Ilana, who always stood out of his thick head of hair, it did. What are you going to do star Comedy programs, and also about how she manages to keep gorgeous hair, she told

"I really did offer to trim the hair. While we're still negotiating, and all the details to reveal, I have no right, but it is expected that this will be a photoshoot in the style of Audrey Hepburn, which, by design, might be held in Paris and new York. But of course, I'm afraid to be ahead of time. Audrey is a wonderful actress, very beautiful woman, movies with her participation, I look with pleasure. That you can participate in this photo project, I did not even think," explained the star.

However, the actress is still not sure that they are able to decide on it. Even her husband was against such a change in appearance of the star wife.

"I recently cut in the salon, 10 inches of hair at my length can be called "trim the ends". Came home and did not even have time to tell my husband and he noticed and made it clear that he really likes the length of my hair and he wouldn't so I left them..." — explained the artist.

Of course, could not help but ask the stars of "dumplings", how she managed to grow such hair and maintain them in excellent condition. Ilan admitted that he had never dyed my hair!

Илана Юрьева: «Муж против моей стрижки»

Ilana St. George never painted волосы

"I've never done this, don't use hair dryers and irons, with the exception of concerts and shooting. And if your hair is less torturing, they will thank you, — said Yuriev. To keep my hair was smooth, I usually do keratin straightening, although recently experimented with the Botox for the hair. The procedure is good, but not for me: it gives volume to hair, I always try to clean up. Not like... the hair prefer to buy professional, but as for home remedies, I will tell you about one of the great hair mask, which stimulates the growth-mask with pepper is effective, but very "sharp" way to give the hair beauty. It is therefore important to observe safety precautions. It is impossible to make a mask for wounds of the head or inflammatory processes. Be careful if you use essential oils. And especially watch that the mixture does not get into the eyes! And will help to soothe the scalp mask with egg and yogurt.

Recipe pepper masks for hair from Ilana St George:

In cooled boiled water add pepper (concentration 1:2). Apply the mixture on the roots. To withstand 30-40 minutes. Thoroughly wash the head. Give the hair to dry naturally and do not comb it for a few hours at the roots.

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