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Bilan experiences itself

The singer has shared with fans his thoughts

Dima Bilan has asked serious questions: whether the understanding between people and how a person needs to overcome to come to this. Fans noted a change in artist, and even compared it with Onegin.

"I was, am and will be the test of the human soul — the mission — It has not been canceled! And yet, all art aspires to be Music, and I am in it, it excites me to such degrees that it is difficult sometimes even to explain it, dissect it, it can only be felt !!! (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — writes Dima in his microblog. — I bring with him those who have the courage and valor* (forgot the word in vain) to pass this interesting, but bumpy ride, in the study of the human soul!!!"

This somewhat pathetic arguments are not over. "I'm with those who want to love — I'll give the same in return!!! Just who are you — the man !!! ??? Like not everyone, who wants to be loved!!! he continued to philosophize. — And to all the haters or unscrupulous and those who just desire to have feelings, to put in place the other person yourself, or narrow — minded- I wish to be or learn to look deeper than is even possible !!! It's so cool when you know how to understand CLOSE..."

Then suddenly, the singer suddenly had an attack of philosophy, and remained unclear. What was it?

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