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Sobyanin told about the changes

The singer posted an inspiring post on his Instagram

With the arrival of spring Anna Semenovich increasingly is inspiration and shares her thoughts and feelings with subscribers. This time Anya told about his attitude to change: "I'm pushing its limits, though it is not just laziness and doubts, too, sometimes chasing me. But I'm trying to pull the reins to spur his feelings, so they worked for me" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx.

"I always want to move forward, to learn something new, to star in different shows, sing different songs, writes Anna in his microblog. — I'm not one of those people who goes to the same shop or even decades resting in the same place. I'm interested to learn everything, to go everywhere, learn how they live other cultures and of course many dream of!"

Oh, and then she came to a rather personal matters. "Stable, I only one, in love of life and to their loved ones and that is enough to develop and grow. I will never live or communicate with a person if he isn't developing, I will not stand next to the man who stopped me to inspire fear to stay alone for some time and of course easily change the direction of their work, if former I have not the pleasure!", — says the singer.

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