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A visit to fashion week almost ended in tragedy for Anastasia Stotskaya

Pregnant actress fell head over heels with steep stairs

Anastasia Stotskaya in may should be a mother for the second time. Feels pregnant actress good, so it continues to work and attend social events.

One of them is a fashion Week held in Moscow. Attendance at this event would end badly for Stotsky, and for the future baby. At some point, the artist felt dizzy, she stumbled and fell from a tall ladder. But everything worked well. About that Nastia herself wrote in her "Instagrame".

"I flew head over heels from the ladder. But nothing happened, only the knee stripped — reassured the artist followers. — Because they do not figure the puzatiki to go to social events. The show was of incredible beauty".

Fans are advised Stotsky to take care of yourself and your baby and to remove your sunglasses indoors. "It is certainly stylish, but the security of Skein is more expensive."

trauma, pregnancy, Anastasia Stotskaya

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