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Masha Rasputina shocked the audience in Saint-Petersburg

During the performance the singer scandal and behaved rudely

In January, Masha Rasputina was scheduled concerts in St. Petersburg, but then need a number of people willing to listen star of the 90s was not. Tickets were not sold, the concert was canceled.

This time the singer was invited to the Northern capital to perform for free in one of city shopping centres. Already in place, knowing the conditions, Masha, is seen very upset and behaved inappropriately.

She started to call the organizers of the "bastards", to say that he was cheated and demand discounts in the shops.

As reported by the media, during a speech Mary said: "Raise your hands in the air! Look here pavilion for horses. Why are you standing there rooted to the spot? Masha Rasputin had never seen? Mouths opened, as if I'm some kind of phenomenon?! While Yes, Masha Rasputina — a phenomenon! The only one in the world!".

The audience was very surprised, but sang along to the artist. However, the star was very unhappy with the sound on the stage. Right there she tried to someone on the phone to resolve this issue. Sang four songs and then left.

To top it Petersburg tour, during a photo shoot with groupies in the lobby of the hotel, Rasputin broke the statue of a deer. And left quickly to avoid paying for damaged property.

scandal, Masha Rasputina

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