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Vadim Kazachenko proposed to his beloved on stage

For this, the musician has interrupted a fashion show, which gathered almost all the capital's Beau Monde

For several months all secular party will zamiraniem followed the scandal singer Vadim Kazachenko. It all started with the fact that the legal wife of a musician waiting for his child 35-year-old Olga Martynov, told the audience: husband throws her out, not giving a dime to the continued existence and future of their child.

After that, the capital of show business was divided into two camps. One sided with the pregnant wife. Others vigorously defended Kazachenko, saying that the marriage was fictitious, and he actually has long loved another woman — its Director Irina Amanti.

On 20 February it became known that Vadim is officially divorced Olga. And since then, like, nothing prevented him to finally seal an official Alliance relationship with Irina Amanti.

Вадим Казаченко сделал предложение своей любимой прямо на сцене

Offer hands and hearts took place right during the fashion show

And here it happened: today, March 18, right on fashion show, Vadim Kazachenko has made an offer of marriage to his longtime sweetheart. Irina, of course, said "Yes!"

Вадим Казаченко сделал предложение своей любимой прямо на сцене

For his beloved Vadim interrupted the show and took a knee

So I guess this story ends with a happy ending. At least two of the actors in this complicated love triangle. Advice and love!


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