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Happy Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti accept congratulations

Especially for the lovers talked about wedding plans

On the show of fashion designer Galiya Akhmatova, an event occurred which immediately became the main topic of discussion in secular circles. During the demonstration of the wedding dress Irina Amanti received an offer of marriage. In that moment, when Amanti music gracefully walked down the runway, it suddenly rose Vadim Kazachenko. He asked the musicians take a break, and giving flowers, got down on one knee and proposed to Irina to marry him. The model was surprised, because she had no idea about the surprise.

After the fashion show the couple talked with a reporter

"The day came when I wanted to say it. And it happened. I'm 54 years old, and of course, I took too long — look how long it's been. I knew it would be the show appeared to be a happy occasion, and I took it. I did that Irina knew nothing. She didn't even know that I'll be on the show. When exactly is the wedding, we will decide", — said Vadim our portal.

"The important thing for us to be together. We may not be grandiose celebrations. Why? The most important thing is to be there together," added Irina.

Of course, Vadim began to ask about the unpleasant topic related to divorce. But he explained that he didn't want to spoil the mood unpleasant memories in such a momentous day for him.

We will remind that Vadim Kazachenko more than ten years together with its Director Irina Amanti, but for some reason never married her. However, managed to tie the knot with Olga Martynova. Soon she must give birth to a child of October, but upon learning of her pregnancy, the musician, according to Martynova, kicked her out of the house. Recently the court has recognized the marriage of the actor and the young wife dummy: the spouse was absent during the hearing. However, Olga has filed an appeal and won. The marriage was terminated, but a dummy he is not.

Vadim Kazachenko, offer hands and hearts, Irina Amanti

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