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On the 91 th year of life died the legendary Chuck berry

He is called the father of rock-n-roll, without it would not have been a "Beatles" or "rolling"

Once John Lennon said, "If you try to find a rock-n-roll another name, it will be the name of Chuck berry". His contribution to the history of music is invaluable. In 1955, he made the song "Johnny B. Goode", which was the best guitar song of all time in the foreign versions of the magazine "Rolling Stone". It is recorded on the disc and sent into space as one of the best songs created by mankind.

During the celebration of his 90th birthday Chuck berry reported that records the album "Chuck", but to complete the work on the album did not have time. On 18 March, the musician fainted at home. Doctors arrived quickly, but to save the rock legend did not. The cause of death, at the request of the relatives were not disclosed.

More unusual biography of the great musician read in "MK".

died, Chuck berry

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