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Anastasia Volochkova has decided to give birth to a son

Fans wonder: is it PR or real plans?

The fact that Anastasia was never deprived of male attention, but a permanent partner, as far as we know, it does not. Dancer lives with her daughter Ariadna and neutered cat lucky. How serious her statement?

Recently, the ballerina has published a photo with the children of his girlfriend. The photo caption she did not ambiguous: "I have 6 children of my friend Eugene! The only girl — my goddaughter Eva-Maria. But in his hands, Jack gave me Elisha, because I want to give birth to a son."

Анастасия Волочкова решила родить сына

Nastya gets used to мальчишкам

Fans actively supported the star in its intention: the age of Anastasia most suitable physical form is beautiful, and the men in her house is clearly not enough.

son, Anastasia

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