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Gagarin tried on the image of the mouse

Singer in their own way interpret costume Minnie mouse

Polina Gagarina has published in his microblog photo with one of his speeches in the image of disney's Minnie mouse, the girlfriend of the famous Mickey. The singer signed the ironically paraphrased line from the song hit of the 2000s, "When I'm a cat": "Probably... in the next life, when I'm Mini, La La La Lai" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

Probably.. in the next life , when I become a Mini La La La Lai #nostalgia #polisaharida #againplease #kagamibiraki

Publication of Polina Gagarina (@gagara1987) Mar 19 2017 8:47 PDT

Gagarin also put under this photo, hashtag "kagamibiraki" and "nostalgia". Fans liked the reincarnation of the artist, but some have noticed the sadness in the eyes of Pauline. And someone expressed his observation that Gagarin looks matured in the last photo.

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