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Peskov defended Yulia Samoilova

Daughter Dmitry Peskov justified his position in Instagram

Daughter of press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov Elizabeth Peskov expressed his opinion on the subject of the upcoming "Eurovision" in microblogging. She supported a contestant Julia Samoylova and shamed those who believe her statement speculation.

"In Europe, even thought no one will come to perceive people with disabilities as anything other than full members of society. And even more, that it is possible to obtain some additional bonuses on the competition" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. writes Lisa.

"Every developed country in the first place is characterized by the ratio of the least protected segments of the population — it's no secret that in our country disabled people turns into a hell — lack of ramps in most public places puts an end to the ability of people not only feel a full member of society, but just to move," — said Peskov.

"PENSIONEROV we also can be classified as moral persons with disabilities. They are no longer needed, are pumped out of it as possible and sent immediately to the margins of society. Live" — bitterly adds Elizabeth.

In conclusion, Peskov wished Samoilova fair success at Eurovision.

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