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Why lo won't know the cat, and Elena borscheva saves money by spring

The star shared the news at the last fashion show Galiya Akhmatova

Last weekend, the secular public was agitated by several events that happened on the show designer Galiya Akhmatova. Thus, the proposal of marriage to his sweetheart Irina Amanti did Vadim Kazachenko. Also, ex Anna Kalashnikov wants to get married, reported to journalists. Dress that she never tied the knot last year, Kalashnikov was demonstrated on the catwalk.

Почему Лолиту не узнает кот, а Елена Борщева копит деньги к весне

Anna Kalashnikov with designer Galiya Ahmatovoyi pre-sluzby

However, not only these persons were discussed by the public. So, effectively came to the podium, the daughter of Yulia Nachalova the Faith, which recently managed to significantly grow and develop in almost the bride.

According to fans of the singer, the Faith is becoming more like his father, football player Yevgeny Aldonin. For girls it was not the first show she has the experience of walking down the runway.

Почему Лолиту не узнает кот, а Елена Борщева копит деньги к весне

The daughter of Yulia Nachalova Faith Aldonin has caused a storm aplodismentami press services

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk before intrigued the audience with the words that she would have an amazing dress. "Miss!" shill is an actress. However, in the process defile the vector of attention from the dress switched to baby that car crash was carrying down the runway. The audience, it was decided that Nastya managed secretly to give birth to another daughter, but the actress later clarified that the girl is still not it.

Почему Лолиту не узнает кот, а Елена Борщева копит деньги к весне

Star KVN Elena Perseveratively press service

"I'm in the mood — super. Such a company is good, the bachelorette party turned out!" exclaimed the star of KVN Elena borscheva. the actress admitted that she had another reason for a good mood. It turned out that March and April — a complete period of the birthdays of her relatives

"For me spring is full of events. Mom's birthday is March 1, we celebrate tomorrow the 10th anniversary of the eldest daughter, which had on March 15, the first anniversary. March 22 my husband's birthday. April 1 — the youngest daughter, she is two years old, April 10 — in-law. 2 and April 25 — the brothers 11 APR — I have. I've been saving money for this period", — told Borschev.

Masterfully paced, the singer Lolita, which once again reminded everyone that she had no complexes. When at the first step, the singer stepped on her dress, she lifted the hem above the knees and brisk, confident gait paraded before the end of the runway.

Почему Лолиту не узнает кот, а Елена Борщева копит деньги к весне

Lolita received an offer to become a model, when she was on Multimaterial press services

As recognized by Lolita that offer to act as a model, she came during the holidays in Malta. "Velvet you not tired? If you are not sick, you will have a dress of bottle green," call me Galiya Akhmatova. Came in today, look — hanging. My. Issued crinoline, rented jewelry house that's nicer though, I think it is wrong to take it back. The idea is that it ought to give me," joked the singer, telling about the show about the news in her life. Lolita admitted that the trip to Malta was organized by her husband.

"To infect me in the spring, the husband took me to Malta. Because if I'm not left with all the bad news and lack of sun, I could not continue to work. I'm home almost did not happen: my cat won't know. Once he came to the country, and the cat departed, although usually jumped me. I can say that in all crises where people are calm. And if you're even in bad English asking a question how to get somewhere, they take you by the hand and brought to this place, even if they go the other way. This is the coming of spring.

And we went there on tour, and I have just removed to put in a Network for those who have no way to go. A I said then, as if he had been there. Although I'm not an operator, I like a woman shot," concluded the singer.

Почему Лолиту не узнает кот, а Елена Борщева копит деньги к весне

Angelica shone in emerald Platemail press service

Also on the podium was seen the beautiful Angelica, Nargiz Zakirova, a former participant of "House-2" Daria Pynzar, Nelly Ermolaeva and others.

Почему Лолиту не узнает кот, а Елена Борщева копит деньги к весне

Singer Nargiz Zakirova, the press service

lolita, Vadim Kazachenko

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