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Catherine Velichenko nearly crushed by tree

The actress became a victim of terrible natural disasters in the United States

The onset of spring, many artists have met at home, they went to warm brown to return to new artistic season. Not an exception and actress Catherine velichenko, which departed to travel to the USA. There she spent a month, bringing to Moscow a lot of impressions. It turned out that in America, the actress could die. On her visit, Kate has shared with

"I some days ago came back from the States, but the impressions are still alive. Traveled almost the entire country. Did a lot of photos, many that I have visited. But I can not say how I was shocked by the weather which is constantly changing. The cost, for example, I arrive in Miami, as the weather rapidly deteriorated, and on the way to San Francisco General was a landslide on the road.

Екатерину Вуличенко чуть не задавило деревом

The actress was not always lucky with погодой

No luck with the weather in Sequoa and Joshimath. There we were in terrible weather conditions when I think you couldn't travel, because the road was a Serpentine. Rain, snow, rain... We went and we just fell trees and stones. They almost touched our car. And if at first it was perceived as an adventure - I thought that if we're the guards here were allowed, then perhaps they had something in mind. But then I realized that the idea was: every man for himself. We were even asked to put on a car tire chains, but luckily, we made it safely. Took the photos with trembling hands and returned back", — concluded the artist.

Екатерину Вуличенко чуть не задавило деревом

Sometimes still shone солнышко

USA, Catherine velichenko

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