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Fool's day is celebrated in many countries, and not always harmless

How to celebrate April fool's Day to not have to cry

There are several versions of the origins of this holiday. Someone said that since the Slavs rejoiced at the arrival of spring, her meeting with jokes, songs and fancy dress. Someone thinks that it is the birthplace of Ancient Rome honored the God of Laughter. Credited with the celebration of this day, and Hindus.

However, the main and more plausible version is: holiday was born in the XVI century in Europe, for bureaucratic reasons. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII approved the regulation on the transition to the Gregorian calendar the calculation of days. After that, the new year was to begin on 1 January. Those who habitually celebrated it on April 1 began to call fools and laugh at them.

День Дурака отмечается во многих странах, и не всегда безобидно

The jokes are злыми

In Europe, consequently this day is celebrated widely are of the carnival procession, people compete each other and sometimes these jokes can be evil. They are not offended, but remember for a long time.

For example, In 1957, the BBC started a story about a bumper spaghetti crop in Switzerland and showed farmers that collect from trees noodles. "There is nothing better than real spaghetti from our own garden," concluded the presenter. The audience believed, and wanted to know where to get seedlings. On this edition said, "Plant a sprout spaghetti in a jar of tomato sauce and hope for the best."

The same company in 1 April 1973 on behalf of a Professor reported on medical discovery, according to which there is a very dangerous disease, which killed only red-haired people.

In 1997, via e-mail around the world there was spread information that the Internet will be disconnected for a day, to clean out the network accumulated over the years e-waste, including inactive email addresses, as well as disabled ftp, web sites and hackers.

День Дурака отмечается во многих странах, и не всегда безобидно

Don't hurt друзей

Kidding, have fun, play friends to this day, but not hurt. And know that, for example, in Odessa on April 1 is considered the official holiday.

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