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Half-sister Megan Markle will write a book that will tell the truth about the future Princess

She hoped that after its release, Prince Harry throw his bride

A solitary relative of the beloved British Prince Samantha Grant said she has the working title for the book "the Diary of sister Princess Pushi". The book's release is scheduled for November.

Previously, Ms. Grant, suffers from multiple sclerosis and confined to a wheelchair, spoke against the relationship of Megan and Prince Harry.

A writer from Florida intends to tell in his book something that will change Harry to Megan. She said she brought the actress in for 12 years when she lived in California and said: "the Royal family will be amazed what she did with her family. The truth will kill her relationship with Prince Harry, he'll want to meet her because it will put her in a bad light."

Miss Grant said that the grandson of the Queen "will be shocked that she did." She also claims that her sister always wanted to be a Princess and said she was "narcissistic and selfish". Grant believes that Megan uses Prince Harry for their own purposes.

Samantha Grant has also accused the bride of the Prince that she forgot about her family. But the mother of Grant, 71-year-old Roslin, said that her daughter tells lies about Megan.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

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