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The subscribers condemned for Buzova is the day of the tragedy

Followers angry is points in the microblog Oli, published the day of the explosion in the St. Petersburg subway

After a little time after the tragedy in the subway of Saint-Petersburg Olga Buzova published in Instagram advertising points with his participation. Subscribers were outraged that the advertising publication was made by Olga in just a few minutes after a post with a picture of the temple of the Savior on Blood and condolences to the victims of the explosion in the subway.

Подписчики осудили Бузову за рекламу в день трагедии

Buzova advertised glasses a day трагедии

When the number of negative comments exceeded 4 thousand, Olga replied all indignant: "Called all my relatives in St. Petersburg. Just arrived at the Church lit candles for peace and for the health of those injured in this inhuman act. I would also like to say to some people — you need not grieve on social networks, insulting others, and, for example, to go to Church or pray for the victims, and this is not necessarily to write, you are forced to do this after a huge number of insults addressed to me... all that matters is what's inside us... Be kind" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — approx.

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