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Jackie Chan was accused of the attempted suicide of his illegitimate daughter

The actor refused to 17-year-old Etta

Yesterday it became known that an illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan, a 17-year-old Etta Ng, was hospitalized in Hong Kong after a suicide attempt. According to reports, on March 31, she flew on a vacation to Thailand, but two days later returned to Hong Kong and she sought medical help.

Mother Etta Elaine Ng, with whom the actor was the short novel in 1998, from comments on the subject of health Etta has so far refrained. But yesterday Elaine accused Jackie that he refused to provide his daughter, knowing about their dire financial Straits. And thereby implied that Chan may be responsible for his illegitimate daughter decided to commit suicide.

A movie star from the comments so far refrained. But a friend of the actor, film producer Tiffany Chen, hastened to rise to his defense. According to her, the Chan was always interested in the fate of the illegitimate daughter and was very worried for her. Tiffany is confident that when the Etta 21 years, actor will provide financial content: to give the girls money before Jackie does not want to, because he feared that they would take Elaine. Although when the movie star was once asked whether he was not going to make her name in his will, Chan replied: "I don't think she needs my money. You don't think I'm unhappy? I deliver all just a headache".

Jackie Chan, attempted suicide, illegitimate daughter

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