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Bilan was working as a conductor of the train Omsk

The organizer of the singer's performances showed subscribers funny video

Recently Boris Rubinovskii, one of the organizers of the concert, Dima Bilan, published on his srance in Instagram video weird: night train, the singer with a bag in hand walked around the car, as conductor, knocking on the next compartment door with the phrase: "To fresh linen?"

Last year, when we went with Dima @bilanofficial from Omsk to Novosibirsk, we were able to get only the top shelf in the compartment, and this year there were no tickets at all and we took in the train only on condition of part)))). #Bilan#Dimabilan#Bilan#DimaBilan #Peliculaporno#tour#Omsk #Novosibirsk#alupluspatina

Publication of Boris Rubinovskiy (@borisizh) APR 3 2017 10:44 PDT

Most likely, so Dima decided to play his team. Yesterday he performed in the city of Omsk. The singer expressed condolences to the victims during the explosion in the St. Petersburg metro. After the concert, fans were allowed on stage paper airplanes.

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