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Son of Victoria Beckham ridiculed his ex-girlfriend

Singer Talia storm revealed the details of the affair with Brooklyn

In 2014, the eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham met aspiring singer Talia storm. A year and a half later, the young people broke up. All this time Talia was silent on the subject of his relationship with Brooklyn, but now decided to reveal some details of their romance.

Сына Виктории Бекхэм высмеяла его бывшая подружка

Waist Сторм

"We are very careful to hide our relationship. And "caught" (by paparazzi) just once — says Waist. — While I was familiar with his parents. They are very nice people, I have great respect for them. When Brooklyn visited me for him usually came his father, and when I had — drove me home."

"We have, of course, was very childish relationship. But they were real and sincere. We really spent a lot of time together. And so when I read in the papers that he's Dating another girl, my heart was broken, — continues the singer. — I'm fed up with women complaining about the fact that we have to be strong, self-sufficient, independent. The truth is that men give us a lot of pain".

"In February of this year, I saw Brooklyn's backstage at the Brit Awards. He tried to talk to me. But I didn't need to. He seemed upset. It looked so dramatic. And funny, says storm. Is it true that lovers can't be friends. And I don't date boys, I date men."

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