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Pregnant daughter of the deceased Senator group mourns father

Her husband Alexander Kerzhakov will now become the head of the family Tulip

Friend Milana Tulip, daughter who died Tuesday as a result of domestic injuries of Senator Vadim Tyulpanov said that Milan is now in opasnosti: very soon she will have a child, and severe stress can have a negative impact on the baby.

Friends Tulip-Kiriakovich how can I try to support this family: wife Natalia, daughter of Milan and 12-year-old son, Vladislav. Now the son-in-law Vadim, football player Alexander Kerzhakov will be the head of the family. May 8, Vadim was about to turn 53.

"How fragile the world and life is fragile, you will Understand it only When the loss strikes the hour, When tears touch my eyes. Start now to appreciate what I have. And ask God to save home, family, children, a Few Parents and friends that were hurt, When cares are not taken. Ask for health, long years that shone in their hearts a Light. And each realized Until the sad hour did not. How fragile peace and the fragile life you Understand now, not then" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — this post appeared in the microblog Milan.

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