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Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky are happy together, despite the age difference

The romance between actress and Director is gaining momentum

26-year-old Jennifer Lawrence and 48-year-old Darren Aronofsky seem to live under the motto: age is just a number.

Despite the 22-year age difference, the romance between the star of "the hunger games" and Director of "Black Swan" is gaining momentum. They began Dating in September 2016, after Aronofsky endorsed Lawrence for the role in the movie "Mama!".

"Jennifer is comfortable with Darren because she is Mature and focused," says a source close to the stars.

It is also known that steam does not allow distance to interfere with their relationship. Aronofsky recently visited Lawrence in Budapest, where she starred in "Red Sparrow". As soon as she had free time, she joined Aronofsky in new York (which there is 10-year-old son Henry from Rachel Weisz), where they were seen during trips to the cinema and walks.

"Jen was mesmerized by his talent and intelligence, when I started working with him," says a source close to the film industry.

According to another source, these two don't flaunt their relationship, when appear together in new York.

"They're very sweet together and seem happy. They hold hands and seem to not want to attract attention", — said the source.

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