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Wife of Vladimir Levkin — about the dead during the terrorist attack artist

Maroussia said how daughter Irina Medencevel

We all every day rushing somewhere. To work, to school, Institute. We know what we're doing tonight: watching a movie, or meet friends. We know how much it will Wake up in the morning, than feed the child and where rush once again. The worst thing is when this routine cycle suddenly someone rudely puts an end. Darkness. Pain and dry the statistics of the dead, each of which is one who on the afternoon of 3 April, has already planned for the evening viewing of your favorite series, or a walk with the dog. The one who wanted to live, to learn, to meet the spring in his beloved city and making plans for the future.

Супруга Владимира Левкина — о погибшей во время теракта художнице

Well-known St. Petersburg artist Irina Medyantseva died in the explosion in St. Petersburg метро

Two days in social media people Express condolences to Petrograd, which showed that to stay human in any situation. You can always help not only with words of sympathy, but also free to drive by car, to invite guests, treat them to coffee.

Yesterday his grief in his shared wife of Vladimir Levkin Mary. It turns out that in that ill-fated subway train, where the explosion occurred, was driving her relative, great-aunt, a famous St. Petersburg artist and Dollmaker Irina Medyantseva. The woman was going to walk to the bus my 29-year-old daughter Alena, who lives in Veliky Novgorod. The girl came for a few days to visit his family and was going to return home. With the explosion of Irina closed its girl. The wizard that made dolls like angels, died in the ambulance. Alyona and she is now in intensive care.

Супруга Владимира Левкина — о погибшей во время теракта художнице

Irina Medyantseva did dolls similar to ангелов contacted the wife of the singer Marusia Leucinol and tried to figure out how now feels Alain.

Mary, Irina Medyantseva is your relative on the father?

— Yes, cousin of my dad. We have a large family. Irina's family there were 10 brothers and sisters. My dad and 11 children. And all friends, and when we were little — we lived as one family.

You maintained that relationship?

— Now we all live hectic lives. But thanks to social networks we had a relationship. We know how they are doing, what is happening in the family who does what. All were friends and were in sight of each other.

Супруга Владимира Левкина — о погибшей во время теракта художнице

In early may, Irina Medencevel would have turned 51 years

— How did you know something was wrong?

— In our country this trend: when something happens in a certain city, then immediately start calling and ask: "is Everything in order?" Of course, he learned about the tragedy in St. Petersburg, all the relatives began to call to her husband, her daughter Irene. And it turned out that the family is in trouble. For us it was a shock. But the family immediately joined in, everyone began calling to offer help.

I don't know how Alain feels now?

— I this morning I'm with Julia (the second daughter Irina Medencevel — approx., but it does not give any response. Julia's very hard right now. To lose a mother and sister in serious condition...

— You saw that in "Vkontakte" announced a fundraiser for the family of Irene?

I've seen it. But for me, it's amazing. Yesterday morning I talked to Julia and told her that if we need some financial support, some medicine or something, let me know and we will do so. Because we called a lot of people who offered to help. And Julia said, "Yes, of course."

Супруга Владимира Левкина — о погибшей во время теракта художнице

The artist has made dolls for more than 15 лет

When the material was ready, Mary reported the good news: this afternoon the relatives were allowed to visit Alain. The doctors promised to transfer the girl from intensive care to a regular ward.

Супруга Владимира Левкина — о погибшей во время теракта художнице

The man who made these dolls, could only be very good and a little волшебником

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