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Melanie Griffith regrets plastic surgery

The actress also explained why she divorced Antonio Banderas

Melanie Griffith has repeatedly been accused of bad plastic surgery that changed her appearance beyond recognition. And in a recent interview, the actress finally admitted yourself that regrets her decision to go under the surgeon's knife.

"Twenty years ago, I had surgery. Then, about seven years ago, I started doing beauty shots. I think I was allergic to them, says Melanie. But I didn't realize that something is wrong, until then, until people began to say: "my God, what did she do to herself?!" It was very painful to hear. I had no idea how these procedures will change my face. I went to another doctor, and he began to try to clean up all this horror, which I have to inject. I'd like to hope that now I look a little bit better."

But plastic surgery is not the only regrets Griffith. "I drank, but never felt like I was lying drunk on the floor, was lost somewhere, was in a deranged state. I have always been around children and did for them everything I could — continues the actress. They had a good childhood, although, perhaps, after all I could give them much more."

Did not shy away from Melanie and divorce with Antonio Banderas. "I think our marriage with Antonio collapsed because I stopped in personal development. And besides me, there is no blame, admits Griffith. — But I will not allow this to happen. I want to enjoy life, I want to do anything".

Recall that Melanie and Antonio divorce in 2015 after 19 years of marriage. To Banderas Griffith was married to Don Johnson and Steven Bauer. Each of the spouses, the actress one child: 31-year-old Alexander Bauer, the 27-year-old Dakota Johnson and 20-year-old Stella Banderas.

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