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Kudryavtseva asks psychics to find her cat

Leading for several days trying to find a runaway pet

Recently, Lera Kudryavtseva published in Instagram photo of his cat Fofi and reported that he was missing. Leading very upset, because the cat never left the house for a long time, and the call of spring it doesn't feel as neutered.

"Guys, the ads plastered around the village, the neighbors all know, because we have private homes, the problem is to go into someone else's territory, but we lifted to the ears of all and go, go, look, name, night walked through the forest, the food poured in many places, like calling saw a similar Tofu, we race and spend time to catch someone else's cat" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — says Lera.

Кудрявцева просит экстрасенсов найти ее кота

Cat Kudryavtseva Fofana

"Mentally and physically exhausted of course :(((I asked all of their psychics — everyone has their own version and every version is still running, look, type, name. now write another version — my husband jumped in the night and went back to look exhausted Arms and legs off, in short it is a horror I Never thought that the loss of kitty would overshadow all the deeds, work, and other responsibilities:(((( think about anything can not. But we hope thank you all so much for participating !!! People we may not "love ", but your Pets love it!" — said Kudryavtsev in his microblog.

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