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Katy Perry showed himself in an unfavorable light

The singer needed to confirm their sexuality

Second APR Katy Perry published in "Instagram" the photo, which appeared in a very disheveled look: no makeup, with unkempt hair, in an old sports top and shorts. "With pride I present to you the cover of my fourth album", signed artist photo. But just below immediately said that this is an April fools joke.

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The day after Katie shared another fun photo taken during a facial massage. "That's what happens when you get a call from his Manager and at the same time trying to relieve stress with your jaw," the singer explained in the caption of what is happening in the photo.

Кэти Перри показала себя в неприглядном виде

Katie showed itself in time массажа

And while fans of Perry was quick to praise her for the courage to do in the social network of the publication on which it appears in an unfavorable light, the star herself was still a little embarrassed. And to prove to myself and to the world that she can also be sexy and attractive, today, Katie posted in "Instagram" is a very erotic shot taken in 2011 in the framework of a photo shoot for Rolling Stone magazine.

Кэти Перри показала себя в неприглядном виде

Katy Perry shared erotic снимком

"Felt slightly insecure because of the two previous photos... So here," wrote Katie.

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