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Scandal Agutin and Varum is gaining momentum

WomanН found out what happened actually at the concert in Ulyanovsk

All the hype about the concert in Ulyanovsk, which took place on 3 April, began with messages in social networks. Fans of Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum complained in their posts that the concert was delayed by 40 minutes; that the stars didn't hesitate to swear at each other on stage; moreover — Agutin was allegedly drunk.

WomanН got in touch with the official representatives of the couple, who confirmed that the actors came on stage 40 minutes later than the scheduled time. As it turned out, Angelica one of these days in Ulyanovsk felt worse. In order not to cancel the concert, Varum and Agutin had to completely change the program of his speech. The fact that spouses are always live, and in their repertoire there are songs that Angelica with a sore throat just not pulled. This is confirmed by the stars themselves. So, Leonid Agutin in his microblog thanked all the viewers who came to the concert, and reported that the trip was not easy: "Angelica was sick, but managed. Came on the scene and worked the entire route just heroically". About my spring cold has written and Varum on his page in the social network.

Скандал с Агутиным и Варум набирает обороты

Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin published in social networks photograph, as if trying to prove that there are no quarrels between them

But the spring cold doesn't explain why Agutin after the concert, allegedly immediately went to another city, leaving the God alone in the hotel. There is also no explanation as to why the audience suspected the singer in drunkenness, and all the more puzzling, where did the rumors that the couple were arguing on stage.

WomanН again asked for clarification of the official representatives of the singer. All the questions about alcoholism, quarrels and sudden departure was given one concise answer: "Nothing".

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