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Bilan took subscribers to the beauty of lake Baikal

The singer shared his impressions from his visit in Instagram

Before his speech in Irkutsk Dima Bilan went to the lake. To go there, the musician has long wanted. Speaking in Omsk, the singer wrote on his Instagram that he will go to Baikal. Today, the artist will give a concert in the Angara region.

Билан снял для подписчиков красоты Байкала

Bilan on a background of lake Байкал

In the microblog Dima tried to convey their impressions of the coveted trips in the surrounding area of lake Baikal, showing the subscribers of local open spaces and entertainment, such as flying on an air cushion.

#Baykal #Bilan and inexplicable energy, accompanied by a talking WHALE !) long thought, how to explain this space, as it is to grasp and to convey ... I found a form but still, not to transfer these amounts to the width, depth 1.5-2 km and height ! #art #Bilan #dimabilan #bilan #bilandima #bilanrussia #dimabilan #azeribaican / ps: on lake Baikal NO whales!!! There is only the Seal of the larger animals ! / #Baikal #bilan and an inexplicable filling with energy, accompanied by the WHALES conversation !) I had to think for a long time how to explain this space, how to embrace and transform... found this form but I'm still unable to transfer these volumes of width, depth 1,5-2 km and height! #art #bilan #bilandima #bilanrussia #lakebaykal / ps: there are NO whales on Lake Baikal !!! There are only Nerpa of large animals!

Publication of bilanofficial (@bilanofficial) APR 5 2017 7:13 PDT

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