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Singer Barry manilow, who confessed to homosexuality, surprised by the reaction of fans

The artist has explained, why so long concealed their true feelings

Legendary singer Barry manilow in a recent interview, openly declared their sexual orientation: a 73-year-old actor admitted he is gay.

Manilow said that for nearly forty years is in a relationship with his Manager Garry Kief. "We met in 1978. I was very lucky. Before that I was a very lonely man. But with the advent of my life has changed dramatically, — says the singer. — He didn't know what I was doing, despite everything released by this time records. And we can communicate like normal people, not like a superstar and ordinary people."

In April 2014, Barry and Harry have formalized their relationship by registering a marriage. "I didn't even know how it will be an emotional moment. To confess each other in love in front of other people was incredible," continues the musician.

Manilow admits that was hidden for so long from all of his sexual orientation, fearing to disappoint the fans. "I thought they'd be upset that I'm gay. So I never talked about it, says manilow. But when they learned that Harry and I are together, they are very happy. I didn't expect such a reaction. It's so nice when you approach strangers and say, "We are so happy for you!" I'm so grateful to them all for the kind words".

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