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Anna Semenovich said Hayter

New candid photos of the singer discussed the users of the network

Anna Semenovich often pleases fans of the new erotic photo shoots. Today the singer was amazed how much was commentary on her photo: "Someone praised me and made me compliments, and someone accused, the truth I do not understand what" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx.

Sometimes the process of waiting for a brighter purpose ................ Let's right to choose their own goals, sometimes they are misleading ........ #horsewear #basemenu #lubljulana #myslivka #positiveculture @ph_vanushkina Makeup artist @ulanovakaterina Stylist @alenagrishak Designer bodysuit @egishshiroyan #shakeproduction

Publication of Anna Semenovich (@ann_semenovich) APR 5 2017 10:45 PDT

"That's what I want to tell you my dear subscribers asked Anya to the commenters — my body and my mind, is the result of much effort on myself and I instead of lying on the couch and write for other people (nasty) comments, go to the gym or reading interesting books."

Semenovia admitted that he wanted to know in this life a lot and achieved all their goals, and this should be given time and effort: "each of you I wish the DESIRE and AMBITION is the fuel for your engines!!! Explore this World and do not be afraid, set goals and go for them. Play it safe and respect those people who in this life have achieved a lot, that's respect, not envy".

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