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Anfisa Chekhov has revealed the secret of female power

Leading talks about the harmonious existence of women in the modern world

Anfisa Chekhova, while in Paris, he decided to philosophize in his microblog on the topic of the power of a woman: "Female power is absolute confidence in its appeal, despite the years, the prevailing standards and a large quantity of people that confidence to undermine! Women's power in forgiveness, and trust the Universe, which is always Fair, and always makes sure that everyone sooner or later got your lesson!" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx.

Leading believes that a strong Woman feeds her man, but not devastating, because its task is not to give all their own, and not to grab someone else, and to run a harmonious exchange of energy: "She didn't cling to Men! She allows herself to be open and to trust! She's not waiting for Fate and Men trick, because the Strength of her generosity is so great that it can accept and forgive any man's weakness! The companions she chooses someone who is not in competition with her and allows her powers to Be! A truly Strong woman isn't afraid to be disappointed in others, because he knows and accepts the own imperfection!"

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