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Anisina accused the former Director of the Dzhigurda in collusion with sister Bratash contacted Antonina Savrasova-Abramova and found out her opinion

Today Nikita Dzhigurda will give a press conference, where a separate item is given a talk about the former Director of artist Antonina Savrasova-Abramova. Olympic champion Marina Anisina, not waiting for a meeting with journalists in his microblog again accuses former employee of all sins. contacted Savrasova-Abramova and tried to find out why the star couple is so turned on her.

— Are you aware of today's press conference?

Yes. But I'm not there, I'm not going to go there. Let Nikita say whatever they want. I'm on the last press conference was held in December. And was ready to burn with shame and to sink into the ground. As for the sudden change of attitude towards me, it happened after I proposed to him to renounce the will. This will not and never has been. And with Marina I don't know what happened. We well left, called up a few times. And then I write, call and say that she's accusing me of not understand what.

In his microblog Anisina wrote that he had not talked with you for 9 years.

— With her personally, we haven't spoken somewhere in 2009. Then a couple of times called up. And Nikita was the last time we talked in 2012.

You said that you helped nick when he lived in Krasnogorsk during divorce?

— Correctly. When this whole thing started with will, I was invited on TV, and I agreed, because I decided to support Mikita, as all turned away from him. At the end of November he called me. I did not, and that is it. And asked me to him to come urgently as he needs help and support. I came to Krasnogorsk. We are well met, he even teared up. And said it Anisina put him a condition that he stopped with me cooperation. And said she was a lawyer hired killer.

— And now Anisina claims that you set her up against his wife Dzhigurda Yana Pavelkovskaya?

— How can I configure Marina vs Yana? With Jana I had a normal relationship. When all the hype started, then Ian called me one first. How can I configure the person against whom? It's fiction, Marina. And I believe this is all happening because of the will. I'm Marina also wrote and asked to withdraw from the will, which is not and never has been. Nikita and I stated as much himself.

Анисина обвинила бывшего директора Джигурды в сговоре с сестрой Браташ

Antonina Саврасова-Абрамова

But the figure skater says that the deceased Lyudmila Bratash called sister, the current pretender to the inheritance, a thief. And that you agreed to support my sister for the money.

— I did not agree to support for money. No one is paying me. I'm just saving him from himself. Was trying to save. He understands that no will not. And Lucy Bratash I was familiar with. I've been organizing weddings and wedding Dzhigurda and Anisina those. And since the ceremony took place in the house Bratash, we talked to her. And even met the performances of Nikita. But that was then, when I was working with Nikita. We began to cooperate sometime in March 2004 and broke up in December 2008. Almost five years working together.

— Now ex-spouses argue that you assumed the position of Director.

— The fact that I was the Director of Nikita Dzhigurda. Moreover, the actor has written me letter of attorney to receive the money from his account. And even the Marina asked me to take a very large sum of money for a performance. And then Marina somehow ignores the fact that when she began an affair with Nikita, I was married. I had a wonderful family and a wonderful husband. And now she's accusing me that I allegedly claimed to Nikita.

She writes, that you cried at their wedding.

— How could I cry, when engaged in the entire organization? When they had applied, about three hours I waited at the registry office with their passports until they get there. If I was so jealous and didn't want this wedding, then he would not have married.

— Why?

— The fact that to apply for a marriage, you need to gather a bunch of documents. Nikita would not never to do it. And Marina I requested that I help put together. And I did everything by proxy. Most likely, if I hadn't collected all the necessary papers, they never married.

Now they say they got divorced because of you, that you them on each other was saying.

— How could I have said something on Nikita? When Nikita invited me in Krasnogorsk, he has all the Windows were curtained. And he explained that the fact that Marina hired killers. I often visited him, even stayed overnight. His apartment is big and I stayed in the daughter's room. Marina talked about this just found out her driver Jack said. And she knew that nick asked me for help, I was in court and supported him. When I worked with him, we had a trusting relationship. All was on trust. I knew about all the adventures of Nikita, of course, they were not so much, but they were. What Marina tells me how I'm a scheming woman and allegedly because of me, they divorced is nonsense. I want Marina to advise that she somehow respected its status as Olympic champion. And not going through the dirty linen. No athlete in these scandals is not involved, as Marina.

Анисина обвинила бывшего директора Джигурды в сговоре с сестрой Браташ

Antonina organized the wedding Dzhigurda and Анисиной

— Why do you think they ganged up against you right now, and not during a divorce?

Because I voiced my position about the will.

— Bratash and my sister hasn't contacted?

— No. Why would she contact me? It has its advocates. I was always on the side of Nikita. And now trying to protect it from problems and troubles. Even when it finished the registration, I was willing him to do it. I tried to save Nikita, to him from Russia were not deported. He is a citizen of Ukraine... for some reason, before Marina nothing like writing. But only after I told him about the will, she began to accuse me. That Nikita played this show — I don't know how he will get out now. And I'm trying to save him from himself. Not that will and never did. And if it was, they would deal exclusively with Marina, and not Nikita. And why Luce had to fly to new York to write a will, when she could do it in France — she's got real estate there, or in Greece. And then, in 2010, all properties were recorded in the Light, sister.

But Dzhigurda and Anisina say that the sisters hated each other?

— So you ask this question to Nikita. Between sisters can be any relationship, but they are native! And it is their family business. But if Nikita, who calls himself the Savior Lucy, why is she not cured? He and Marina could take Lucy abroad, in the same Israel. But they didn't.

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