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Nikita Dzhigurda: "I light candles at the portrait of Putin"

The actor admitted that he stopped using hard drugs

Nikita Dzhigurda today are not afraid to stand in front of reporters. Rainy weather and preparing for the press conference substantially delayed the arrival of an artist. At the meeting he was at ... an hour later. However, the journalists waited patiently.

Appearing, odious artist began to sing guttural voice, so that the approximation Dzhigurda could not declare. "Remember how before the election I said, "trump will throw all" — this phrase welcomed journalists to the artist.

The chair talked incessantly for another hour, while the reporters didn't stop him. The story of Nikita has started with providing copies of General power of attorney stating that it is now right to do business Anisina goes to the Chair, and lawyers who have done this before, are deprived of this right.

Also Dzhigurda said that never cheated on his wife. And has maintained a relationship with her. He communicates with children in a day online.

"On the day I drink 70 grams of vodka, get on your knees and talk to her. This is a meditation," explained the artist. As told Dzhigurda, one of the conditions of his return to his wife was the denial of drug use: "I don't do hard drugs at all," said Nikita.

He explained where in the Network appeared rollers, including Lyudmila Bratash.
"I was let into your house of journalists and was allowed to pump all the rollers. How did I know that they will download everything, even what was intended for the court."

Nikita said that the clip, which was captured drunk Marina Anisina, was simple: "I wanted her to remove "drunk" movie."

Никита Джигурда: «Я ставлю свечи у портрета Путина»

The chair showed a copy of the will, Lyudmila Bratusheny Avramenko

Told out of the chair and about the will. According to the actor, the original will is lost. It was stolen.

"We will brought it from America's lawyer — told out of the chair, referring to his copy. In France there was no will, Anisina those it is not and never has been. Lucy of torture are kept. She was forced to rewrite his will for sister."

In the copy of the will Bratash indicated that in relation to her osushestvleniya blackmail, so she wrote a will in the name Dzhigurda.

Nikita has told, how spends time at home. It turned out that he had daily candles.
"I light candles at the portrait of Putin, because when there are so many nuclear weapons..."
The artist also showed the songs written for "Eurovision" from your mobile phone.

The chair gave and other exclusive comments. Details read in the nearest materials.

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