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Dolnikova very stout after childbirth

About this singer said herself, writing a post in Instagram

Actress and singer Teona Dolnikova in March of 2017 for the first time gave birth to a son, openly stated that he recovered, stronger than ever, in his microblog.

Start the calculations. It like it is! No B. S.! It's a disaster, so I haven't weighed ever in my life BUT!!! I believe in myself! Believe in your willpower! My favorite, all of you worried about how to quickly and dramatically I have not lost weight! Thank you very much for your concern! I'm so happy! I will lose the weight gradually and sensibly. Necessarily with sports, with that which now allowed me in my situation! With the advice of doctors and massage! And of course, first and foremost, not forgetting the health of my super scraps! For women who have given birth recently: buckwheat - the finest product at the time of GW, it stimulates lactation! Please! Make no mistake that only dairy products and condensed milk are useful in lactation! NO! Eliminate sugar completely, maybe the kids have cars, and a stomach ache from the sugar! So! Long live buckwheat, fermented baked milk, yogurt, Turkey! And the coolest lactational product is WATER! Drink 2 litres per day and milk will be more than enough! LOVE YOU! And good luck! Comment, lose weight together with me and get prizes for your achievements ! #hugestone #hugeimpact #hugestone #dieticheskie #databaserow

Publication from Actress Teona Dolnikova (@dolnikova) APR 7 2017, 2:51 PDT

Current weight artist — 70,9 kg — scares and upsets the girl. But Dolnikova decided to fight against overweight and motivate their followers.

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