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Nikita Dzhigurda: "I didn't cheat on Anisina"

Odious, the actor admitted that he continues to communicate with his ex-wife and children

Nikita Dzhigurda, as you know, recently got a divorce from his wife Marina Anisina those. The reasons expressed by the skater officially become complicated character actor and the fact that he has completely changed and it has become impossible to live with. Mentioned drugs. In addition, Dzhigurda was the relationship with the deceased Lyudmila Bratash. It would seem that this is enough. However, all was not so clear. At today's press conference Dzhigurda told how, in his opinion, really was the story of the divorce.

As explained by Nikita Miller, it all started with the history of will. According to Dzhigurda, when it became known who bequeathed billions spouses were threatened. Side of the Marina Anisina those defended by the famous lawyer. One day the actor was attacked, he still believes that it was the people who represented the interests of Anisina those. Nikita supposedly hinted at the fact that he refused probate. Then the chair suggested to my wife to play along

"I saw it the wedges were knocked out. I called Anis: "Well go with him." She played along. She's a brilliant actress." In the end, as explained by Nikita Miller is quite chaotic in his speech, it came to divorce. But in fact, a formal termination could not be, as causes such as cheating and drugs turns out to be untenable. At least, in his opinion, and not cheated on his wife at all. And relations with Lyudmila Bratash more like spiritual.

Никита Джигурда: «Я не изменял Анисиной»

Nikita Dzhigurda is a show of revelations Gennady Avramenko

"I can't change Anisina those and she knows it. Her riveting evidence, talked about my orgies and so on, and she said, "Show video". And when she gave information, and it became clear that it was a setup, she opened her eyes. I have created a myth for nine years, I have proved to the world that every woman is a goddess... I don't do hard drugs. I had blood tests all clear. People ask me: "What are you fed?" I answer honestly: "have You ever were spiritually kamasutris Olympic Champions in figure skating? I love women, adore, but when I met 10 years ago Anisina, I realized that I had met something else- looked at me with her green lanterns goddess Anise. I feed off from there, from the temple of the mother, the woman he loved. I read her poems, and she looked around and said: "Speak — no bags roll. The right thing to do." And I said, "can I get a passport in one day, rhyme". She said if rhyme, I'll let the document abolishing divorce. I didn't cheat on Anisina those. I can grab*sci, n*CICI, but she knows I will not enter into the temple of another mother", — said Nikita. However, the chair said that the history of relations with Lyudmila Bratash Anisina he still can not forgive.
Now Marina should not prevent the father saw his children: Eva-Vlad and Mika Krista.

Никита Джигурда: «Я не изменял Анисиной»

Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Анисина

"Every day I talk online with the goddess Anise. And communicate with children. A boy walks on the map, Eva plays tennis," — said the chair, who also recently traveled to France, where I walked with the kids at Disneyland.

"Anisina those we're all great. I dream to take my flight", — confessed the actor.

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