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Nikita Dzhigurda has revealed all the secrets of the will Bratash

The actor shared with exclusive information about how a document was drafted on the inheritance of millions

Around wills Ludmila Bratash, in which she supposedly leaves Nikita Dzhigurda a huge state, runs a lot of conversations. Many believe that this document is fake, and if he existed at all, if the original is eventually lost? Besides, after was published the copy, the lawyers had many questions on the design of this document. turned to Nikita, who described the situation at the moment is with the case of the will.

He showed a photocopy of the will, in which Lyudmila Bratash really bequeathed Dzhigurda and Anisina those of his fortune. In it the deceased millionaire explained that she was beaten and tortured, so she changed her will to another person. "Please consider my will final, because from the other persons <...> possible forgery, Santas and violence," says the document.

— The transfer of Andrei Malakhov discussed the issue of improper registration of the will of the deceased Lyudmila Bratash. Why did you use a Russian passport, because the transaction took place in the US where these documents are not valid?

Никита Джигурда раскрыл все секреты завещания Браташ

Nikita Dzhigurda knows whom to give to the examination of the duplicate samedayessay Avramenko

— We first wanted to write another will in Russia. Lucy I was offered it three years ago. But it is why in America wrote? Because the will, written in Russian, will be in the computer database. And she said, "will kill You". I had the original will. Did the apostils. But now I don't have it: they attacked me, and stole a bag with documents. Since the will was written for Russia, we issued Russian passports. Lucy went with us to Turkey and from Turkey, as was the threat, flew to America, where everything and issued. Under American law, it is not necessary to submit it to the database, this advantage. If a person is afraid, he gives the will to the notary, and it is stored there. And it's not to not know, — said the artist. — In addition, according to the law of the Russian Federation, in case of loss of the original notary, who used to prescribe it, is to write the duplicate. The notary came to court despite the threats, she wrote the required document. But now we have to give it away for examination, however, it is unclear to whom to give, didn't tell us," concluded the actor.

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