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Olga Buzova obsessed songs

All weekend leading "House-2" spends shooting a new video in Sochi

Team Buzova settled in Krasnaya Polyana, five-star hotel. Itself Olga chose a room with views of the mountains and has already spread in microblogging my photos on the balcony. To the followers not to relax, from the clothes the star only a towel.

Ольга Бузова всерьез взялась за песенное творчество

The price for the view - 10500 roubles сутки

"The sun bursting through the clouds, and I very much hope that today our team will get lucky with the weather. Wonderful mood, despite the small amount of sleep", signed morning photo Buzova. — "I do what I like... I'm surrounded by awesome people... you and I have such good. Thank you. I love you".

Publication from Olga Buzova (@buzova86)APR 7 2017 10:55 PDT

The shooting of the video for the song "People didn't believe" are the waterfalls in the mountains. April has just begun, and work the film crew, and the singer had in uncomfortable conditions. It was very cold, cloudy, raining, but, according to Olga, the picture turned out incredible.

Sochi, recording video, Olga Buzova

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