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In the Hall of fame rock n ' roll, new names appeared

Tupac Shakur, the group Pearl Jam, Journey and ELO and others — those who are worthy, to take their place in the cult community has identified listeners

Become a member of the Hall of fame rock-n-roll artists can only after we will celebrate 25 years since the release of their first record. However, this is not the only selection criterion. Many musicians years to claim their place in the community, but they did not choose.

On Friday in new York sports complex, Barclays Center was named the names of the new members of the Hall, which is located in Cleveland, Ohio. This time they are: the American rock band Pearl Jam and Journey to British bands Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) and Yes, folk singer Joan Baez and died in 1996, the hip-hop artist from the USA Tupac Shakur.

The decision about who will enter the Hall of fame rock-n-roll took ordinary music lovers. Within two months, they voted for favorite artists on the official website of the Museum. There were 19 candidates, among them British group Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk German, American singer Janet Jackson, Canadians from Steppenwolf. From American band Chic it was 11 attempt and again failed.

During the ceremony, the participants honored the memory of one of the founders of rock-n-roll of Chuck berry, who passed away recently. He's one of the first was included in the Hall of fame in 1986.

Chuck berry, Hall of fame rock-n-roll

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