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Lena Lenina is looking for a hall for a birthday friend

The permanent head of the group na-na, producer Bari Alibasov will celebrate the 70th anniversary this year

For producer Bari Alibasov chic to celebrate is a matter of honor. He and his friend, editor and organizer of the largest star presentation of Lena Lenina knocked down in search of a suitable hall or restaurant for this important event. Because on the anniversary of the producer have to come all the stars and politicians of the country, including Alla Pugacheva and Vladimir Zhirinovsky. So now a couple after a long day of work every day goes the second shift with the same or on different Banquet halls and clubs, and supper at night.

Лена Ленина ищет зал для проведения юбилея товарища

Friends are looking for a Banquet sulfato from the personal archive

Yesterday, after yet another red carpet in the Kremlin, the friends visited the newly opened karaoke club for millionaires on Tverskaya. Looked at the same time as the rest of major entrepreneurs and listened to a private concert, giving the band a karaoke millionaires Povaliy.

And more closely than "Revizorro" friends peered into every corner and tasted all the dishes. Teetotal Lena had to try four kinds of caviar, and the Bari Karimovich to take a shot at tasting vodka and cognac. After a month of inspections friends gonna get fat. Instead, you will find a suitable room.

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