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As Margarita Suhankina will celebrate the birthday

Today will be a surprise to the singer: the birthday girl told that, too, was prepared for their guests a surprise

One of the favorite holidays of Margaret Suhankina is her birthday. She's 53 years old, while looking for a singer, this and not say. Traditionally, it tries to celebrate the holiday with family and friends. But this year, Margaret began to congratulate him early in the morning. Experiences the actress shared with

"Today I really was pleasantly surprised and shocked. Imagine coming during the filming of "You're super", I entered the dressing room, and there is no one. Thought maybe I did something wrong? In the room also was dark. But I went out there, turned on the light, and the children began to sing the birthday song, and even cake. I almost burst into tears. It turned out that the cake, the participants made themselves. I tried it — so yummy not eaten since childhood", — said the singer.

Как Маргарита Суханкина отметит день рождения

Today the birthday girl was extremely surprised by the surprise of their wards vocal somaterial press services

However, this festival is not over. After a few hours in the big house, the singer will meet relatives and friends. Margaret doesn't know what surprises she prepared for her own children but said that waiting for all the guests at the party. It turns out that she prepares a delicious surprise. Some time ago, the singer went to rest in the Crimea with the children. In one restaurant she really liked the fish on the coals. Singer remember the recipe, deciding when it is necessary to prepare. The case was granted today.

"Of course, that play hard, but I really like to delight relatives, friends and your team. So I will try," added the birthday girl. That Suhankina this happens, there is no doubt, as the singer is a good cook and loves to do it.

Как Маргарита Суханкина отметит день рождения

Children of Margaret Suhankina also have. сюрпризы

birthday Margarita Suhankina

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