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Singer Natalie named her son, violating the tradition

The star with the baby taken from the hospital happy father

The night before singer Natalie was discharged from the hospital with their third son who was born on the Annunciation, April 7, so many fans call the child a blessed boy. To meet a mother and toddler came to the singer's husband, Alexander Rudin. The extract was held in a quiet family atmosphere, the newborn did not make a fuss and let himself be dressed in the smart kit. "I am very happy. Natasha great, many thanks to her. We boys were looking forward to the return of mother and baby home. Got everything ready for their arrival," — shared his joy with Alexander Rudin.

Певица Натали назвала сына, нарушив традицию

Now the family of the artist three synodality archive

Natalie and Alexander have a tradition for all men to call on the letter "A": the head of the family — Alexander, sons Arseny and Anatoly. Of course, everyone expected that the third son of the spouses will select the name with the first letter of the alphabet. But this time they decided to break the tradition. "We had Eugene! Eugene Rudin! We decided to break with tradition and changed the letter" — told spouse star.

Певица Натали назвала сына, нарушив традицию

Yesterday Natalie was discharged from rhodomelaceae archive

It is worth Recalling that the third son of Natalie appeared in the Moscow state hospital. The singer wanted to give birth there because 6 years ago in the same hospital was born her second son Anatoly. The third boy, Eugene Rudin, was born, 51 centimetres tall and weighing 3500 grams.

Певица Натали назвала сына, нарушив традицию

The star was a large mother 7 apelacyjny archive

Fans heartily congratulate stellar family with a newborn son. I wish mom and baby good health, and the rest of the male patient.

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