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Naked picture of singer blasted the Network found out that it's for an intimate photo

The news that someone's naked pictures leak online, already become a good tradition. Last week, hackers posted photos of Nude spouse of Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov. Today you can admire the charms of Mitya Fomin. On the Internet, and now some media, a photo appeared of a fully Nude male, very similar to the singer. In the picture he is sitting on the white sand, apparently, in some grotto and poses for the photographer. The reporters cite the words of the artist, which denies these images. contacted representatives of the singer to clarify the situation. As it turned out, Fomin is now very busy preparing for tomorrow's concert tour to the far East, where he never was. So the musician simply could not physically see these scandalous photos. "This is bullshit! Someone to do nothing! This is absolutely photoshopped. The funny thing is that this photo has long been hanging on the Internet. Why is she once again surfaced and why — is unclear," — said the press service of the artist.

Very Mitya Fomin claims that he never was fond of these photos and just can't be in his archives.

Mitya Fomin, Nude photos

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