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Julia Samoylova has refused to comment on Kyiv's ban on entry to Ukraine

Colleagues of the singer on "Eurovision" said what is the way out of the situation they see

Today again heated passions around the situation connected with "Eurovision-2017". It is known that official Kyiv made a statement, according to which, it became clear that the participant from Russia, Yulia Samoylova, under any circumstances, will not be able to participate in the competition because of the ban on entry into the country. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko admits that such actions can lead to sanctions EBU (European broadcasting Union), but official Kiev is not scary.

It is unknown what she feels now Julia Samoilov, who was embroiled in a political game. contacted representatives of the actress, but Julia and her team, apparently, not yet ready to discuss this topic. "We do not comment on such. Thank you for understanding," said us representatives of participants of "Eurovision-2017" from Russia.

However, his position on this issue clearly expressed by former participants. The Director of "Buranovskiye grandmothers", who took second place at "Eurovision-2012", Ksenia Rubtsova considers that now is the right not to pay attention to the situation.

Юлия Самойлова отказывается комментировать запрет Киева на въезд в Украину

"Buranovskie grandmother"

"Should think that it is time to be proud and start to think about carrying out in Russia of competition "Euroasiaonline". Of course, what happened is very disappointing, frustrating, but it is necessary to survive. Everything passes — and it will pass. Our best response would be to pretend that nothing happened. We are still the best and the great. The country with the best singing voices and unique history. It is necessary to keep and promote. But the fact that we didn't want to see political, stress, reasons, that's their problem. Because of the suffering the main idea of the festival: unity, not separation".

Participant of "Eurovision-2005" Natalia Podolskaya was also not indifferent to the situation. However, she is philosophical.

Юлия Самойлова отказывается комментировать запрет Киева на въезд в Украину


— I'm that kind of person. I think that is done — all the better. If they don't want to see her then you must not go.

— Maybe we should still compete, what do you think?

— Why fight? There is nothing to fight for. This does not harm the health of her loved ones and her health. We must fight for health and for loved ones. And for participation in the competition to fight is optional. There are things in life more important.

the Eurovision song contest, Julia Samoylova

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